Creation of the Comity Alain Jacquet

03.11.2011 • Paris

Alain Jacquet died on September 4, 2008. Sophie Matisse, his wife, and Gaïa, his daughter, wanted to keep the artist’s work alive and protect it.

The Alain Jacquet Committee, born of this desire, brings together personalities and people who have in common the knowledge and love of this work.

The establishment known as the “ALAIN JACQUET Committee”, an association governed by the law of July 1, 1901 and the decree of August 16, 1901, aims to:

1- To acquire or transfer, restore, keep the original works, plans, projects, models, notes, manuscripts, archives, documents, goods and various objects, in particular those which will be brought to it by any member or by third parties or moral, presenting an interest for the knowledge of the thought of Mr. Alain JACQUET and of his artistic and literary work;

2- To organize any representation, exhibition, retrospective of the works of the artist Alain JACQUET within or outside the association and to participate, where appropriate, in exhibitions or retrospectives devoted to the artist by third parties physical or moral;

3- Ensuring the completion of the work in progress of Mr. Alain JACQUET, insofar as these involve technical operations requiring the intervention of assistants, molders and various kinds of practitioners, the realization of projects or models and the publication of the full Catalog of his works;

4- To give all authorizations concerning the reproduction of the works of Mr. Alain JACQUET, their exhibition and use and also concerning the publication of his writings and musical performances, cinematographic films, shows and other creations. In general to ensure the moral defense of his work

5- To make any edition concerning the works of Mr. Alain JACQUET himself or relating to his work,

6- To authorize access to documents and archives and works in general brought to the association, to make known to the public, by all appropriate means, the works mentioned in paragraph n ° 1 of this article,

7- More generally to carry out all the acts provided for in the purposes designated above while keeping in this establishment the disinterested character having presided over its foundation.

The Alain Jacquet Committee council is composed as follows:

– Mrs. Sophie MATISSE, President;

– Miss Gaïa JACQUET-MATISSE, Vice-President;

– Mr. Nicolas JACQUET, Founder;

– Mrs. Catherine MILLET, Founder;

– Mr. Olivier KAEPPELIN, Founder;

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