Alain Jacquet and Sophie Matisse at Sabine Wachters


The Sabine Wachters gallery in Knokke le Zoute in Belgium presents a joint exhibition by Alain Jacquet and Sophie Matisse.

A public first for these two artists who shared a workshop in New York for many years, until the disappearance of Jacquet in 2008. From August 3 to September 23, 2018, you can discover or rediscover works produced between 1965 and 1970 for Jacquet and a series of gouaches and recent collages by Sophie Matisse. Sophie Matisse will be present at the opening.

Sabine Wachters edited the catalog for this exhibition.

Galerie Sabine Wachters

U Scope I’m God Say Hi Or Be John , Galerie Hervé Bize


March 30 – May 27, 2017 Opening Thursday, March 30 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Unpredictability is the fact that anything can happen. Let us start from the principle that without the unexpected there is no tragedy and that without this tragedy there is therefore no hope. The creation of institutions was intended to limit the unforeseen Revolution type but in this period of absolute uncertainty that represents a period of crisis, can we say by quoting Emmanuel Levinas that we are coming to the end of a certain intelligibility since have we lost our bearings?

We therefore find ourselves without tools to understand and think about the World, because of a change in the meaning of the words used; for example the Human became Human Capital, by Freedom we must understand Circulation of the Capital, and the Virtue as well as the personal Merit were replaced by Evaluation and Competition … This ideology destroys the Man and his Social Link to lead to an isolated individual: this fragmentation of society makes our analysis criteria obsolete, for what purpose?

The disappearance of mediators, so important in the structuring of the world, puts our democratic system in crisis; it is at the origin of the destructuring of the world as we know it, in a competitive logic specific to Neoliberalism. With regard to the past, a revolution can lead as much to communism as to fascism, both of which have as their end the annihilation of individual emancipation. This perception of passing time gives us the impression of reaching a horizon of predictability beyond which nothing can be controlled, we can no longer believe in our institutions, which appear to be frozen, or in a political world that has reached its limits. limits, no longer controlling the “natural course of things” of this changing world. From this loss of reference points arise extreme, predictable movements, with their share of identity claims, which aim to replace social identity with original / cultural identity and lead to the rejection of all otherness.

To advocate multiculturalism is ambiguous since in this absolute there is the negation of the difference of the other or of hatred of the other. In the rejection of the other is the rejection of all researchers who have critical thinking and fight negation. Profiting from lies or leading a negationist policy, attacking critical thinking in order to promote only market value is something that our history has already gone through but which by an incomprehensible amnesia of traumas from past experiences is on the way to repeat. The unpredictable is therefore a refusal to see and to know, a denial of reality.

Agathe Marie-Louise, January 2017

The exhibition brings together works by Jean-Michel Alberola, Miguel Branco, Delia Brown, Bruno Carbonnet, Peter Dreher, Marcel Dzama, Jean Hélion, Alain Jacquet, Joan Jonas, Bruno Perramant, Eric Poitevin, Gabriel Vormstein et Andy Warhol.

The Armory Show 2017


” The work « Gaby d’Estrées », by Alain Jacquet, Pop artist from the 60’s is a modernist version of the portrait of the Ecole de Fontainebleau, «Gabrielle d’Estrées and her sister the Duchess of Villars», a cliché of the society of leisure. Using the serigraphy technique under the influence of Andy Warhol or Roy Lichtenstein – they showed at Iolas gallery at the same time –, this work is part of the same serie as « Déjeuner sur l’Herbe », acquired by the Guggenheim Museum, which anticipates the distortion of the image of great iconic paintings of the History of Art changed into products of the mass consumption.”

Gaby d’Estrées, Alain Jacquet’s painting from 1965 will be presented in the choice of the G-P & N. Vallois gallery for the New York Armory Show 2017.

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Art Geneva Fair 2017


On the occasion of the Art Geneva 2017 fair which took place from January 26 to 29, the G-P & N Vallois gallery presented some of Alain Jacquet’s latest works, including Mars and Venus II from 1995.

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