Museum of Picardy, 1998

“AJ Œuvres 51-98” Picardie, 1998

(extract from the exhibition catalog)

The idea of ​​devoting a large exhibition to Alain Jacquet fits perfectly into the cultural project of the Picardy museum. Artist with established reputation, impressive curriculum, although too unknown in France – no doubt because of his long American stays – Jacquet offers a diverse but perfectly coherent work, where humor finds its place within a demanding plastic approach.

This journey, rich in interpretations of an ancient but strong heritage, of taking into account the innovations and technologies of the present, seemed to us perfectly deserve, if not a retrospective, at least a deep look engaging all the work of the artist , even if it means shaking up the chronological reality, perhaps to better suggest its unity.

Deployed in four rooms, the demonstration clearly underlines the wish of the Musée de Picardie to make a determined commitment to contemporary creation as one of its major concerns.

Mathieu PINETTE, chief curator of the museums of Amiens.

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